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Hi Gang,

I am happy to announce that our old gal of a barn is up with a new name and in use as our new proper lobby.

Our new Quisisana Barn is now the home of our ticket office, an expanded bar (shown below) lovingly built by Dan Whalen with barn boards from the original barn and lots of space to mingle with your friends before a show and during intermission. You can now sit at our bar and comfortably browse our merchandise for sale.

Join us at our new expanded bar

The Story of the Quisisana Barn as Told by a 200 Year Old Barn

You are in the Quisisana Barn. I am 200 years old and counting. I have stood here for many years with many families and many storms. I have housed horses, cows, goats, chickens, barn cats, hay, and Carol's endless "finds" from yard sales and dumps. In 2006 I needed to be moved to make room for the Stone Mountain Arts Center and all who visit that great "new" post and beam next door. I was lovingly dismantled and repaired by my barn doctor and caretaker Scott Campbell. He carefully stacked and covered me with my old roofing and he and I waited for four long years until my owners could afford to stand me back up. On Memorial Day 2010 Scott and a collection of fine men came together to put me back together, raise me, and make me grand once again for all of you to enjoy for another 200 years. I will be forever grateful to the best of the best:

J. Scott Campbell
Maine Mountain Post and Beam Brownfield, Maine.

Preserving Vintage Barns for New Homes and Additions
No one treasures us old barns like Scott, and no ones restores them with as much love and enthusiasm as he does. Scott says it is our responsibility to preserve the past that these barns represent. In fact he collects old barns and find new homes for them so we don't lose these historic beauties to progress. I used to store hay in my bays, now I will be home to a grand piano and a guitar. Did you know that an old barn could make a beautiul new house or addition? It has made us a beautiful new lobby and preserved my legacy in the process....Forever Thanks Scott.

Russ Lanoie, Dan Whalen, Bob Potter ....... These three guys were instrumental in making this barn project happen.
Russ did all the major excavation and helped Jeff and Dave set the pilings in the heat of the summer. Forever Thanks
Bob did the pristine electrical work with his son Derek and Billy the way, try to find a wire.....ya can't! Forever Thanks
And finally Dan Whalen, carpenter extraordinaire did the sign, the giant guitar, and the bars and other extras using all the original barn board on many of the pieces. I am sure we now have the most beautiful bar in the state! Forever Thanks.

Jeff, Dave and Andy
.....the dream team.
From one barn to the next, Owner Jeff Flagg, Dave G. Swanson our bartender, and Andy Buck the "other barn" timber framer, have been on the project that is the Stone Mountain Arts Center since day one....their sweat continues to be the foundation that we build on.  Forever Thanks

The Dashnaus .....gave me beautfuil antique lighting.
They have given all of us enduring light and friendship, and they will always have special place in my barn heart.

 Brad Fuller, Ed Grove, Ward Simonton, Paul Hennigan,
Jon Whitney
All of these folks contributed the finishing touches. Jon with his amazing doors and Ed forged the rings to open them. Ward built the nifty screens to keep the bugs out! Paul and Brad gave me color with hours of painting.  Forever Thanks

Brothers in Barns......All the many other good friends and neighbors who me helped along the way
Joe Balchumas,Terry Blake, Dave Condoulis, Brad Fuller, Tom Joyal and Old House Parts,  Homegrown Lumber, Vinnie Lannovera, John McGreavy, Mike Moulton, Bill Quinn, Nate Reid, Tim Rogers, Vic Rollins and Hancock Lumber, Barbara Sisson, Jonathan Spak, Wes Stanhope, Mike Tamulis and Lindsey Paint, SMAC Staff, Sue Tobelman, Bill Walsh and Crew, Jeff White and Joyce Peseroff. Forever Thanks

The Barn Angel know who you are.
I would still be sitting in the field if were not for you. Forever Thanks
Jane Orans and Quisisana Resort...... I am proud to be named after Quisisana which means "here one heals". They say music can soothe the savage beast.....well that's a start. Forever Thanks
The Guardian Angels...those of you who signed my old pegs or bought a smowl, or signed a guitar. Forever Thanks


THANKS to these terrific folks who have supported this project in some way ...

Old House Parts Company in Kennebunk Maine
Kennebunk Maine - A big thanks to this cool business for providing all the beautiful antique windows for our doors to the old barn. We got lots of great stuff from them ... you should visit them for anything old!!!

- Joe Balchumas
- Terry Blake
- Andy Buck of
  Custom Timber Frames
- Scott Campbell of
  Maine Mountain Post & Beam
- Dave Condoulis
- Jeff Flagg!!!!
- Brad Fuller of
  the Edge of Maine Gallery
- Hancock Lumber
- Edwin R. Grove, Jr. -
- Paul Hennigan
- Homegrown Lumber
- Russ Lanoie of
   Rural Home Technology
- Mike Tamulis of Lindsey Paint
- Vinnie Lannovera
- John McGreavy
- Mike Moulton
- Bob Potter
- Derek Potter
- Bill Quinn
- Nate Reid
- Tim Rogers
- Ward Simonton
- Wes Stanhope
- Dave Swanson
- Sue Tobelman of
   Kaleidescope Imprints
- Bill Walsh and Crew
- Dan Whalen
- Jeff White and Joyce Peseroff
- Jon Whitney

Scroll down to read about how you can support this exciting new addition to the Arts Center.

Quick Links to the Latest...

Sign Our Guitar

Carol's Barn Song

Watch a Video and
View Barn Raising Photos prepared by David Griffin
The Barn Name Story......

The Barn is named after the loving support of Jane Orans and Quisisana Resort over on Lake Kezar in Center Lovell Maine. Quisisana is the reason I came to Maine in the first place, so many years ago.  I was a chambermaid by day, making the beds of the guests that I sang to, by night. I ended up working at “Quisi” and making it my home for almost ten years.... singing, cooking, cleaning, hiring staff and much more...just like here! My years there were a perfect training ground for what we try to do here at Stone Mountain Arts Center, mixing food, fun and music in the country. In fact, Quisi was a big inspiration for this humble place on the hill, and owner Jane Orans and manager Larry Hall were and still are fine models in presenting top notch musical productions in the Pines from Bach to Broadway! If you are looking for a  perfect lake getaway that includes music, go visit them!  Like we used to sing every night: Where the pines are, Quisisana, there’s a place that’s old Americana...and it is!!! Hopefully we will live up to it's this namesake for many years to come. We love you Quisi!!!

Carol Noonan
Owner Stone Mountain Arts Center

This short movie will show the original barn, the frame before it was taken down, the start of the raising project, and the new lobby interior.

Check back for updates.

Many of you already signed pegs that are now tucked away in this beautiful 200 year old frame. Lots more people wanted to "get pegged", but they missed out... so here is another chance to be part of SMAC history.



Add your Signature and Brief Message to our Giant Guitar

Standing 70 inches high, our new handcrafted Giant Guitar is complete with stunning woodworking detail, turning pegs that work, strings.... everything you could want in a guitar, only giant! It is soooo beautiful. Geesh, you ask a guy in Brownfield to do something and it gets done. We have talented carpenter and our parking guru Dan Whalen to thank for this amazing piece to be hung in our new lobby.

Anyway, we are selling a limited amount of signatures for posterity for 100.00 each to help get this project done. You can place your order by calling the box office at 1-207-935-7292 or online by clicking the link below. Let us know if you'd like us to add your signature and message or you can place your order then sign the guitar during your next visit to SMAC.

Click here to Sign our Giant Guitar!

Sign Our Guitar handcrafted by Dan Whalen  
Now on display in our Quisisana Barn for easy signing.  
Scott is a rare lover of old barns and I want to see this barn back up again for him especially. I wrote this song about him when he first began to repair it a few years ago..and I will leave you with that.....

The Barn Song by Carol Noonan

Falling Down.....not a rock in place
Splintered Timbers....and a scarred face
Leaky roof that was once fixed in haste
Molding hay...that a match could taste

I have watched her through a hurricane
Sleepless nights while she took the rain
Remember when she had that old weathervane
Watch your head there goes another window pane
 there goes another window pane

I will right her...I will make her grand again
I will raise her.......I will bring her home again, home again

Wooden pegs and creaking floors
Post and beam and painted doors
Scores of farmers she labored for
She will stand .... 200 more

She will be so weather tight
She will sleep in peace tonight
We will dance beneath her light
And we will love her ......this wonderous site
this wonderous site

I will right here...I will make her grand again
Iwill raise her.......I will bring her home again, home again

I have watched her through a hurricane
Watch your head there goes another window pane


Be sure to check back for project updates!

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