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      We heard you!!!
How can I get your cornbread recipe...or your salad dressing?
I wish you guys would open a restaurant!

Well Jeff and I are not up for a full time restaurant gig, but we are up for bringing some of that lovin' in the oven to you! Stone Mountain is now offering catering services for local folks here or delivered to your own living room or office!! We also are available for holding small events in our Quisisna Barn midweek.

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We refer to our food as Gourmet Comfort Food.....if you want popovers and Wellington, we are probably not the caterer for you....but if you want some simple, fun, yummy, really pretty, fresh food we are really good at that. We are all about color and taste...we will not stand a crustacean on a plate to look back at you. But the platter of food that comes out will definitely make you smile.

And now you can get that "comfort" in your own home or office! Want some ideas? See below >
A Sampling of Lighter Fare: A Sampling of Dinner Fare:  
  • A Pizza and Salad Buffet (including gluten free pizza!)
  • Chili, Chowder, Stews
  • Wraps like smoked chicken with bacon and basil mayo
  • Corn Bread and AND pumpkin butter
  • Signature Salads like Pear and Goat Cheese or Tomato and Mozarella both with our signature candied Pecans
  • Steak Tips served with Maple bacon sauce
  • Pastrami Smoked Salmon with herb cheese
  • Roasted boneless duck with a strawberry rhubarb sauce
  • SMAC Ravioli: Spinach and Cheese Ravioli with a pumpkin alfredo and country tomato and basil bruchetta style garnish
  • Roasted Fingerlings and Red Potatoes with rosemary butter
  • Red Mashed Pototoes
And there is much more......request a food questionnaire so we can find all about you...." gastronomically" that is! What you like and hate...who's coming for dinner......what's your budget....the Ritz or Little House on the Prairie?

When we get to now a little more about what you need, we can customize a menu for you and your function.
  Thanks for thinking of us!  
  Contact us for more information: 1-207-935-7292 or email:  
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