Hi All ... We are starting a great new series:

This series is supported by my latest recording "Waltzings for Dreamers"
in partnership with the kind sponsorship of Maine Beverage Company

A Note from Carol Noonan
I have two quests for this season coming up here at Stone Mountain Arts Center. To put on some free shows for our recession hard hit community and to bring new artists here who actually get paid.  I would call it the Waltzings for Dreamers New Music for FREE Series!

Why this Series??
The recession has hit all of us hard in our neck of the woods this year more than when it started. We are grateful that SMAC is still breathing. We want to keep music playing in the country for everyone to enjoy whether it be a headliner with a high ticket price or a free show featuring some unknown acts that will put ona show as memorable as the big famous ones. A grateful audience is a happy audience!

I have also been feeling bad about my artist obligation to want to give worthy new music a chance and to provide a place for "everyone" to see quality music. I have a list a mile long of people who could play here under this scenario, and a list even longer of folks who would need the benefit of a free show once in a while.  This hits home with me on so many levels...wanting to give back something to our amazing customers,  and some fellow musicians who all need just a bit of a break. 

Who Will Pay for this?
I am now recording an album to help raise the funds for us to do this series....the kind folks at Maine Beverage Company are making that possible. They are one of the most supportive companies of local entrepreneurship in the state...and we love them!!!!!! Anyway, the more albums we sell, the more free shows we can do. Our  goal is to do 12 free shows in twelve months. So in a way we all pay for this!!!

What’s the Album about?
 The great folks at Maine Beverage helped us record the album and lots of terrific folks contributed their talents as well on some of my songs. Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas, Heather Masse, Jay Bellerose, Leigh Gibson, Jon Carroll, and even my sister Katy! And of course Duke and Kevin and my band did their lion's share as usual. So, buy the album, support the series, and come to a show for free!!!

How Many Shows?
The goal is to put on approximately 12 free shows (one a month for a year) and bring 12 new artists here. I think promotion wise this series will get a lot of attention too, because of the nature of the concept.

It makes venues, agents, artists, and the audience
working together to feed a lot of different rivers.

We will hold out tickets each show for special groups like music students, volunteers,  or well deserving group who may not attend otherwise. We have a terrific collecftion of we will work on the honor system....if you don't need a free ticket, you are welcome to choose to pay some amount for the show to help support this series.

“Goods Donation”
The ticket price with be of course “FREE”  and a goods donation for that night's show will be requested for a local cause (like our food bank, coats for kids, or pet food for the humane society).

Anyway, I think this is a good idea at a time when folks really need it. We in the music biz need to consider the times and our customers so we are all making music and audiences are enjoying it for many years to come

When does it Start?
Our first offical free show was in November.....presenting Sierra Hull, a great new exciting act. Check our event calendar for full details and watch for the New Music for Free Series icon pictured to the right.

How Can You Help?
By Ordering the album!! Each album is 30.00 plus a $3.50 shipping charge. And again, the more we sell, the more free shows we can do.

You can order on line for tickets to the shows and your cd at, visit to just order the cd or call the box office at 207-935-7292. And if you are in the position to, you can pay more than 30.00 for the album and help the cause.....again, the numbers of shows will depend on the money we raise with the album.

Order Now!

Click to order your free ticket to any of the shows in this new series.
Remember ..... You still need to order a ticket to reserve a seat to be held with a credit card and request dinner seating like for a regular show... your card will be charged $10 for each ticket ordered if you are a no show....

Thanks for your support!!!!
Carol Noonan  

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Look for this 'no charge' symbol on our calendar for shows in our Waltzings for Dreamers New Music for FREE Series.  
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