From Owner Carol Noonan

Whether you are a big star or a shooting star, a music production experience here at the Stone Mountain Arts Center can be like no other. Artists from all over the country talk about “playing at SMAC”. Now you can capture that same feel by taking advantage of the great sounding rooms here at the Stone Mountain Arts Center featuring our in house audio engineer Pat O'Donnell.
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  Stone Mountain Sound
Stone Mountain Sound and Pat O'Donnell

Pat O'Donnell our sound engineer
With a collection of pro gear, Pat can can capture your live performance, as well as utilize the Arts Center in a more traditional studio setting. He can offer a range of audio recording and post production services. . Recording, Editing, and Mixing services are all offered. Since opening in 2006 we have produced multiple studio records (including some of my own) live DVD's, and live multi track audio recordings from capture through Post Production. Pat is a rare talent most venues' in house staff could never provide. No one knows these halls like Pat, and to put in plainly..he just has wicked good ears!

And it doesn't have to be here at SMAC.....
You can also have Pat come to you with his mobil recording production!

If you are interested in capturing a live performance, using our beautiful facility for your studio needs or for a mobil application, please contact Pat for more information. Visit him at:
Pat has Recorded and mixed live sound at SMAC for many artists....Here's what some of them are saying:

Comedian Paula Poundstone:
I have recorded two comedy CDs with Pat. This guy really goes the extra mile. He is a delight to work with, and guess what? The listeners get a great listen.

Guitarist Duke Levine:
Sound engineer Pat O'Donnell at work“Pat is one of the best engineers I get to work with. Whether it's live or recorded, I'm always confident that it'll be "right", which is a huge part of getting the most out of a bunch of musicians. "

Singer Songwriter Slaid Cleaves:
“They do everything right at Stone Mountain, including world class sound. Pat's a true professional.”

Rick Holmstrom from Mavis Staples' Band:

"We probably sound best up there in Maine at Stone Mountain. Pat and his crew really get us dialed in, to the point where friends of ours who have seen us in other venues rave that the sound at Stone Mountain is heaps better. It's something we always look forward to (that and Carol's incredible food) and wish that we could get that warm sound everywhere we go."

Heather Masse of the Wailin Jennys:

“Pat always puts all his heart and soul into make us sound good. It is a pleasure working with him on all levels. He is professional, fabulous at what he does, and is a downright good human. I can't recommend him enough!”

Leigh Gibson of the the Gibson Brothers:
“I've worked with Pat many times and in many different settings. Whether in a studio or live performance setting Pat has gifted ears that few possess. The recordings I've been a part of that Pat has engineered are
beautiful. His mixes are such that you forget that you are listening to a recording and feel as if you are simply there within in a musical moment. For me, that is the highest compliment I can pay to a recording engineer. So much of what makes music organic can be lost when wires and speakers are involved, yet Pat always overcomes this and places the listener right in the middle of the music in its most natural form.”

Tom Snow, pianist:

"On the night of my CD-release event ("Friends", May, 2013) at SMAC, I had Pat record the show so we could fuse it together with a multi-camera DVD that was being filmed at the same time. Pat was incredible to work alongside and he really helped all of the musicians to have a fantastic experience. Pat is the consummate sound engineer; he really understands the individual needs of each musician while mixing "live", but also possesses a keen knowledge of capturing this sound in preparation for projects that require post-production. I was duly impressed with his attentiveness, professionalism, easy-going demeanor, and his sincere intention and ability to give 101%. I would unequivocally recommend Pat to anyone and would hire him again in a heartbeat!”

Stone Mountain Sound
For more information, contact Pat ...
Call 207-632-3849 or email
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