Raven Girl released in 2016 Raven Girl
Inspired by the The Songs of Richard and Mimi Fariña Produced by Chris Rival and Carol Noonan.
Accompanied by Kevin Barry, Jay Belleros, Paul Bryan, Duke Levine, Alan Williams.

Produced by Chris Rival and Carol Noonan
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Chris Rival at
Middleville Studio, North Reading, MA

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The Musicians I Was So Lucky to Work With:

  • Kevin Barry: 12 string, dobro, acoustic, high strung
  • Jay Bellerose: drums, percussion
  • Paul Bryan: bass,piano
  • Duke Levine: electric and baritone guitars, octave mandolin, dulcimer
  • Carol Noonan: vocals and backing voacls, acoustic guitar
  • Alan Williams: backing vocals

  • Album Design: Tonee Harbert
Song Credits ...
All Songs By Richard Fariña Except: "Sweet Sir Gallahad" by Joan Baez and "Pack Op Your Sorrows" written by Richard Fariña and Pauline Baez Marden

A Note from Carol ...
This project was nostalgic in so many ways for me. Being together in Chris's studio again with all my dear and old friends, Duke, Kevin, Paul and Jay. We recorded live in the same room like we used to, and we easily fell into our good and "bad" habits. It was amazing we got anything done! And enlisting Alan to do backing vocals was eerily reminiscent of our old band Knots and Crosses. I'm sorry we didn't get to sing live together, but his tracks felt like he was there with us, and his voice was a just the right addition to the gang.

But the most nostalgic emotion came from the songs we chose to record...songs inspired by the beautiful and haunting folk duo Richard and Mimi Fariña. Their album Reflections of a Crystal Wind was my brother Michael's record, and after I confiscated it, it became the first record for me that mattered. I played it day and night. I think it had a huge musical influence on me that is still with me today. It was the sixties and I was just starting to sing and play guitar. I didn't know what the lyrics were about....I only knew that I loved their sound and their dark melodies. Only years later would I discover their story....a story about two people whose love and music was cut way too short. Because of their brief musical footprint, I think they have not gotten the attention they deserve. So here's me askin'....give them some attention, wont you? Check out their records, and poetry and old black and white youtubes. But before you do, research their story..it will make the music all that much sweeter. I hope this album gives you a glimpse of Richard and Mimi as we humbly put our spin on their ever lasting music. This Record is dedicated to all of you who remember the Raven Girl and her Poet.
       C. Noonan
     August 2016

A Hearty Thanks To:

  • My husband Jeff
  • Chris Rival...geez...you did so much!!!
  • The Noonan Family, especially Kate!
  • Duke and Alan for coming in after the fact
  • Pat O'Donnell for the early on listening mixes.
  • My Staff at the Stone Mountain Arts Center who helped find the time to do this
  • Richard Gates, Sonny Barabato, Billy MacGillivray
  • Tonee for the photos and design
  • All my fans and SMAC customers who supported me and waited so long for this album...sorry it took so long!

And To Some Kind Sponsors ...

* Long Trail Brewing Company of Vermont. This is my husband's favorite beer. And we serve tons of it at our Stone Mountain Arts Center.

* Reny's .....it really is "A Maine Adventure".

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Long Trail Brewing Company Reny's - A Maine Adventure
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