Noonan Limited Edition Mug by Becca Van Fleet Pottery
  Earthy Dark Brown Mug
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Here's the thing. My peers in the music business have been bugging me to sell a t-shirt or a cap or a button or a mouse pad or any other promotional type item to help sustain the fragile life of a musician....BUT.... None of those things were appealing to me, and I thought would also not be appealing to you. I tried to think of something that "I" would want in this situation. I sat at my kitchen table drinking my coffee perusing the room, picturing various every day necessities with my name on them. Hmmmm...A bread box, would be hard to ship....a frying pan would eventually cover up my name with grease.....A colorful sponge, but my name and anything to do with cleaning is just not right. So, frustrated, I rubbed my mug as I always do, searching for inspiration...and then it came to me! This comfy piece of pottery made lovingly by a good friend of mine, was staring me in the face. This mug always makes me happy. It is an earthy olive color with the stamp of a chubby little church on the side..a church in Eaton NH that I give concerts in frequently. It was a commemorative mug made by artisan Becca Van Fleet. She designed it to raise money for the town to buy their local general store and preserve it. Holding that cup, is my favorite part of the morning. It feels really good, and it make me think of Becca's shiny face. She lights up a room with her smile, and I think her work does too. This is not just a mug... Garth Brooks can do that...this is an individual piece of stoneware pottery, handmade, that happens to have an imprint of yours truly. Becca designed the stamp. Its me, playing my guitar with my biker boots and all. "Noonan music" is next to my little logo, so you don't confuse me with your other artist's mugs....but wait you won't...this is a one of a kind piece! So yes, this is a shameless promotional trinket to make money, but it is also a useful, and precious sample of Becca's that I want everyone to see, and start collecting. She has some beautiful pieces, and I hope you will visit her at or live at her shop in Eaton NH. I would like to thank Becca for helping me to bring you something out of the ordinary..... in the same spirit as my music.
Enjoy!! C. Noonan

To Order Noonan Mugs:
These mugs are glazed in an earthy dark brown, with an almost woodlike stamp of yours truly.
Mugs are $25.00* and can be ordered on line, or by sending a check to:
Noonan Music /695 Dugway Road /Brownfield, Maine 04010
*Shipping charge for all Noonan orders is 3.50 (per order, not per item)

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