A Special Song for You for Christmas

Acclaimed singer songwriter Carol Noonan is offering up her song writing talents this season!! An amazing gift in the form of a special Christmas song written especially for that important someone in your life for Christmas........

Written and recorded in time for Christmas. What an amazing gift.
These will be original songs customized for your loved one.


A Note from Carol...

“Why am I doing this? My whole life I have kept my song writing close to my heart, and it has been a very personal part of my musical journey. But now there is something even closer to my heart ........this beautiful arts center that makes so many people happy. I will work hard to ensure that is stays here for many years to come. To do that I try to find new and creative ways to contribute to Stone Mountain Arts Center's financial well being. What could be more creative than a song? A song that is written especially for you. A gift that gives not only to your loved one for years to come, but to SMAC as well."


 Send the message you want to convey or the direction the song needs to go in,
and Carol will write the song.

Cost and Order Policies:
  • An Original song written and recorded $1300.00
    .....a special seasonal price for something normally valued much higher.
  • Two weeks lead time is suggested for production.
  • Please submit the message or story or bio of your loved one ....what you want to convey when ordering
  • Payment in full by check made payable to "Stone Mountain Arts Center" or credit card is required before a song can be produced.
  • Finished product will be in a plastic cd box with a simple cover that says:
    (for example) “Merry Christmas Betty”
  • Inside, includes a personal message from the gifter to the giftee.
  • More extensive graphics can be ordered privately through our local graphic artist at the customer’s expense.
  • This is an original piece, one of a kind, like a painting....so when you order one of these songs it is taking on faith that you like what the writer does and will be happy with that result......in other words you cannot tell Carol how to write the song!!
  • Carol also reserves the right to turn down a song she feels she cannot do justice to, have time for, or feel good about writing.
To place your order, print this form and submit this requested information along with your message, story, or bio and payment to:
Carol Noonan Music, 695 Dugway Road, Brownfield, Maine 04010.

Name: _______________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________

E-mail: _______________________________________________________________

Phone: _______________________________________________________________

Method of Payment: (please check one)   __ check      __ credit card (Visa or MC accepted)

Credit Card #: _______________________________________________ Exp. Date ________

Recipient's Name: "For _____________________________________________ Merry Christmas!

Inside Message: ________________________________________________________________



Most Importantly....
Dear Friend,
You have ordered a special song to be written. It is really important that you give me as much info about what you want the song to be about as possible. What seems unimportant to you could be a chorus to me.
     What should the song be about?
     Who,why ,where, when.....
     Give me TOO much information......

The more of a window I have to look into the closer I am to your song.
Every time I write a song, it takes a part of me with it.....hope you like it.

Carol N.

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