This long awaited album is a collection of traditional carols along with three originals Carol penned especially for this recording. These are some of “Carols” favorite carols, arranged with her unique style in mind. Her stunning rendition of “Oh Holy Night” has brought audiences to their feet, if they were lucky enough to catch one of her legendary holiday concerts. Now she has captured it on disc and it is by far the most shining moment on this beautiful acoustic recording.

Also available is Carol’s musical Christmas card. It is a CD sampler in the form of a Christmas Card. This vintage looking card will take your family and friends back while you listen to a sample of Carol’s Christmas Album. The disc has 6 songs including one original tune. It’s a great way to send Christmas wish to someone special this season.
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Christmas of 64
Was the Christmas of 64
They predicted at least three to four
but I wasn't sleeping
my prayers I was keeping

Had no visions of iceskates and dolls
wasn't thinking of those things at all
but how I was praying for a guitar I'd be playing

Chorus: It had no case and it had no shine
it called my name and I called it mine

A leather strap with a tassle and fringe
box of flatpicks and a package of strings
and I started strumming to the tune I was humming.

When I played it it set me free
had more heart than ability
but I serenaded till the wood was so faded.

Chorus: But those nylon strings to my fingers were kind
and I played First Noel and my first Auld Lang Syne…Should old acquaintence be forgot
and I will never forget
that first guitar that stood before the Christmas tree of 64
Two Hours to Maine
Call for a cab to come
wait for a train to run
catch the last flight out on this Christmas Eve.
Far from my family everything dear to me
home is where I should be on Christmas Eve
Seven hours in the air
two hours to Maine from there
Longing for Mountain air this Christmas Eve

Chorus: Wake up the dogs and turn on the light
Kiss you hello and kiss you goodnight
Stoke up the fire and sift through the mail
A tall glass of wine when all words fail, all words fail.

Crawl into bed with you
just have an hour or two
finally home with you on Christmas Eve
Wall on the clock says three
back in the air I'll be
crying myself to sleep on Christmas Eve

Chorus: Take out the dogs and turn off the
Put out the fire and stack up the mail
A bottle of wine when all else fails, all else fails.
Seven hours in the air
two hours from Maine to there
never again I swear…on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Morning
A cup of coffee and a cigarette
he really hadn't even woke up yet
Awhite t-shirt and an irish cap
a Christmas present sitting on his lap.

Chorus: it's Christmas morning and the Irish hour played
Tommy makem sang Christ the savior is born…
We'd been buggin him since 4:00
he said wait until the sun comes up.
He wrapped the presents put on the last bow
he'd gone to bed only an hour ago.

Bridge: Daddy, Daddy, hello
wake up Daddy let's go
Christmas Daddy it's here
bright lights, still night good cheer
Fell asleep under the Christmas tree
my snoring dog, my sister, and me
His loving arms carried us away
back to bed on Christmas day

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