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credits and lyrics 

Carol Noonan
Produced by Paul Bryan

Recorded by
Paul Bryan at 269 Allston St. Cambridge, MA

Recording exceptions:
Open the Door and Leather Glove recorded by
Chris Rival at My Generation, Somerville, MA

Mastered by
Jonathan Wyner at M-Works, Cambridge, MA

Songs by Carol Noonan ©1999
Noonan Building Wrecking/ASCAP

1 Open the Door   :41

Mixed by Chris Rival

Lost Soul 4:24
Don't bring me company
I don't want any
Don't bother dropping by
I'd rather cry
Don't give me your best speech
I'm out of reach
I'm seeming ungrateful - it isn't that way
I wasn't so hateful - some yesterdays
     Somewhere I lost my heart
     Somewhere I lost my soul
     Somewhere I lost everything
     Everything that made me whole
Who was I in those days
It's all a haze
Who was it cared for me
Who did I see
Who can remember this
What did I miss

Mixed by Chris Rival
Jay Bellerose - drums
Paul Bryan - bass
Duke Levine - electric, nylon guitars
Carol Noonan - acoustic guitar
Stephanie Winters - cello

Just Because 4:16
She brushes her long hair in front of the mirror
She's keeping a count of the ones that turn grey
She looks at her hands and she sees her mother's
She looks at her face and she turns away
Oh she cries when she sees that she's not what she was 
And she cries for her children
And she cries just because
She cries for the love that she once had and lost 
And she cries for the memories
And she cries just because
He tries on the pants that he wore to his wedding
He tightens the belt up a notch so they1ll stay
He just don't fill them out like he used to
He's starting to feel like he1s shriveling away
Oh he cries when he sees that he's not what he was
And he cries for his children
He cries just because
He cries for the love that he once had and lost 
And he cries for the memories
He cries just because
Mixed by Chris Rival
Kevin Barry - acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric sitar, nylon string
Jay Bellerose - drums
Paul Bryan - bass, electric piano, synthesizer
Frank Gallagher - viola

Unquiet Grave 4:28

Mixed by Paul Bryan
Kevin Barry - acoustic guitar
Jay Bellerose - drums
Paul Bryan - bass
Frank Gallagher - violin, viola
Duke Levine - electric guitar, mandolin
Stephanie Winters - cello
Paul Bryan - string arrangement

Wasted Years 4:28
She's wasted years
She's wasted only three but who's counting
He was never hers
In fact he was already someone else's
And she always said that this time would be the last time
While she prayed to God, oh, just let me see him again
     Don't cry out loud
     Don't cry out loud
     Don't cry out loud
     Until you can look him in the eyes once again
She's broken down
She's not quite sure of where to go on from here
Her friends all talk
They're trying so hard to say nothing at all
She still checks the mail and cries when there's not a word from him
Even though word from him will hurt her again 
And I should have pulled her in when I knew she was sinking
But deep down in my heart I wasn't sure she'd survive

Mixed by Chris Rival
Kevin Barry - acoustic guitar
Paul Bryan - electric piano, bass, chamberlin
Jay Bellerose - drums
Duke Levine - electric guitars, mandola, mandolin

Stronger Than Me 4:14

In my heart I carried all the hatred I can
While you just carry on
You lost more than me but you could always see our eyes filled with tears
While you were hiding yours
     And a child just feels the pain
     While the mother takes the blame
     And a wife calls out his name
     When she's alone
When I cry I always cry for the one who's gone
When I should cry for you
You're stronger than me
And you will always be
You'd say it's not the end and I believed you then
He's not there, but you're not scared to be alone
You're scared you might forget, and pictures aren't enough
They can't replace his touch
       And a child can't understand 
       That a father's still a man

Mixed by Chris Rival
Merrie Amsterberg - backing vocals, glockenspiel
Kevin Barry - acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Jay Bellerose - drums
Paul Bryan - hammond, clarinet, bass, percussion
Duke Levine - electric guitar, mandola

7 John Riley 5:04

Mixed by Chris Rival
Jay Bellerose - drums, percussion, udu
Paul Bryan - bass, chamberlin
Duke Levine - guitars, baritone guitar

Devonside 4:21
   Richard Thompson, Beeswing Music, BMI

By Devonside, she was marching
It was a band of no great size
And surrender was the banner that she carried.
And hunger was the shiver in her eyes.
She met a boy. His health was failing.
She dropped the banner and took the prize.
And the only food she had was bread and morphine.
And he fed on the shiver of her eyes.
By Devonside, his love was drifting.
He looked for comfort otherwise.
And there never was a rope or chain about him.
She held him with the shiver in her eyes.
She said my John, I'll be your pillow.
I'll be your lover, mother, whore and wife.
And he knew that he had loved and never seen her.
When the light fell from the shiver in her eyes.

Mixed by Paul Bryan
Jay Bellerose - drums
Paul Bryan - bass pedals
Duke Levine - electric guitar
Carol Noonan - acoustic guitar

Sonny 4:21
  R. Hynes, Wonderful Grand Music
Sonny lives on a farm in a wide open space
Take off your shoes stay out of the rain
Lay down your head on a soft feather bed
Sonny always remembers the words mama said
Sonny don't go away, I'm here all alone
Your daddy's a sailor who never comes home
The nights are so long silence goes on
And I'm feeling so tired and not all that strong
Sonny works on the land
Though he's barely a man
There's not much to do but he does what he can
Sits by his window, in his room
And he's watching the waves drifting soft on the pier
Many years have rolled on
Sonny's old and alone
His daddy's a sailor who never came home
Sometimes he wonders what he might have been
And still from the grave mama's voice haunts his dream

Mixed by Paul Bryan
Jay Bellerose - drums, percussion
Paul Bryan - bass
Frank Gallagher - viola, low whistles
Duke Levine - acoustic guitar, electric guitars

Leather Glove 5:16
His skin was fair and his eyes were ice
His hands could crush my own
And a scar that he hid with a leather glove
If only I had known
The day he took me for his wife
I felt my beating heart
As he whispered to me quietly, 'till death will do us part
And I knew that I couldn't run away
And I knew that no one else would see
Now I know that he's in an unquiet grave
And I know cause he's next to me -
He's forever next to me
Well he laid on me almost every night
With "I love you" on his breath
With the leather glove tight around my throat -
He nearly caused my death
And every time I begged of him,
Oh please just take my life
And every time he softly said,
You'll forever be my wife
That final night just like any night
Except his knife I spied.
And with all my heart
And with all my might I plunged it in his side.
And just before he slipped away
He raised his leather hand.
And closed it tight around my throat Said,  I'll always be your man

Mixed by Chris Rival
Kevin Barry - acoustic guitar
Carol Noonan - acoustic guitar, roxy organ

Lagan Love 4:59
Mixed by Chris Rival
Jay Bellerose - percussion
Paul Bryan - hammond
Gerry Leonard - guitars, acoustic,
Loops - Spooky Ghost!

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