Knots and Crosses Compilation album: There Was A Time
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Knots and Cosses was a band I was in many years ago..... my first real musical journey. It was back when I could sing like Grace Slick, and wear short dresses and biker boots. When you dream of life as a rock star...it had a lot of that, but I gotta say, there is nothing like being in a band. Feeling the drums pound under your feet, singing to the swirling guitar riffs that are driving the song that you wrote. Not to be corney, but we could "rock out" with the best of them. On any given night we might encore with a version of Gimme Shelter or White Room. I miss those days a lot, but I know I could never pull it off anymore. But like me, some of our fans had a hard time letting go. I still get emails from people who remember our rock band days fondly, and have worn out their old cassettes. So for you old fans, "There Was A Time" is a blast from the past. For my new fans, it is a window into MY past. Its a little loud, a little outdated, but still a little cool. I can smile and remember that there was a time when I could really rock!
Here's our story
Knots and Crosses was Rick Harris on guitar, Alan Williams on vocals and keyboards and myself on vocals and guitar. We were popular in the early 1990s, considered to be one of the up and coming new folk-rock-pop groups..... a typical but fresh sound for the time. We were known for our catchy songs, strong harmonies, and guitar driven melodies.
We were critically well received but it was not until we landed a hit song on Boston's then newlly sprouted radio station WBOS, that our lives started to change. Our little band who could usually only draw a handful of relatives and friends to our gigs, found oursleves playing in Copley Square to thousands of new fans, lip-syncing the words to our songs
Our band's two albums, "Creatures of Habit" and "Curve of the Earth", sold 20,000 copies, impressive for records that were self-produced, self-promoted, and self-distributed....and remember there was no internet to speak of back then!
The Boston Globe wrote that "the gifts these three musicians blended in Knots and Crosses seemed to be the springboard toward international fame." And when were signed to Island Records we thought they were right; but it proved to be a classic example of a record deal gone bad. After getting dropped by the major label and a year of frustration waiting, we were left with the task of putting out another album on our own, but we found we had lost our magic along with our relationship as a band. Our group split up, and we played our last show in mid-May 1994 to a bittersweet crowd.

Five years later a compilation of our two albums was released by the label Signature Sounds. "THERE WAS A TIME" is a collection of cuts from both albums, along with two new songs the band penned for the sessions. Remastered, a few new mixes, this music still stands on its own. I was very lucky to have been in this band. Alan and Rick taught me a lot about music and about life. We did not always agree, but when we played were like one...like a band.


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